Magic vs Technology - Winner Gets Earth!

Decades ago we launched the Voyager Probe and it has recently left the Solar System, and it has been discovered by a hostile alien race whom before never knew about Earth, and they are coming.... and they are hungry!

Explore this Science Fiction Action Adventure today!

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READER REVIEW from the Comments
~~A wonderfully refreshing, captivating new Sci-Fi story! Masterful writing and story-telling. It evokes that feeling of regret, reserved for only really good stories, that comes, after the midpoint, when the end of the book is in sight. I hope the other two books are coming SOON! Don't make me use MY ring!!!

--Dominic, Sicily

--- A fantastic read that left me thinking about what could be, better than Dr Who or Startrek
P.M., United Kingdom

The 21st Century started with massive destruction.
Then followed by a world of complete dysfunction.
The human race was pitted against itself,
Even Earth struggled with her own health.

As are technology advanced, the society regressed,
The people of earth became spoiled & repressed.

As mankind's unity erodes & turns to ash,
We found new ways to seperate those with & without cash.

But 40 years ago, we sent out a probe showing our condition,
Giving our evolutionary progress,appearance and exact location.

How intelligent we claimed to be, to accomplish such a feat,
Until it was discovered by a species we were not suppose to meet

Creatures who War-like thinking & selfish behavior rivaled our own
Beings with no compassion who saw man as delicious to the bone

Soon they will follow the map we made to help them find mankind
We would stand no chance unless for help from Magical Devine.

A planet at war with itself will soon begin to ponder,
That their social & economical problems are really quite minor.

Because creatures are now on their way HERE
and soon we will truly understand the meaning of "FEAR"

When our society can no longer work together in a world of
Thus begins the final days which will be known as.....